4 Ways to Delay Replacing Your Roof Another Year

//4 Ways to Delay Replacing Your Roof Another Year

Replacing your roof can be a costly project, so the desire to put it off for another year would be perfectly understandable. 

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Thankfully, depending on the condition of your roof, it might be possible to put it off even if you have existing roof damage. 

Keep in mind that these tips are intended only to be SHORT-TERM fixes, and are not suitable for major structural issues with your roof. If you have a serious roof issues, it’s best to have them addressed as soon as possible.

For the short term, here are 4 budget-conscious ways to get another few seasons out of your roof before having it replaced:

1) Use Tar Paper

Also called roofing felt, this is a material designed to offer temporary protection to your roof. The tar paper is affixed in a series of layers using plastic cement and offers similar protection to traditional shingles. This is a good option if you want to squeeze a few more seasons out of your roof before investing in a full replacement.

2) Use Adhesive Patches

Designed especially for roofs, these are intended for small problem areas. Adhesive patches are best used for smaller areas of damage that may result in leaks and similar issues.

 3) Use Heavy Plastic

This method can help temporarily prevent water damage until you seek out a more permanent fix to your roof damage. The heavy plastic is affixed with roofing nails or weighed down using sandbags, covering up damaged areas of your roof. This method is unsightly, but if done correctly it will for a time address some (but not all) leaking problems. 

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4) Use Waterproof Tarps

When you have a larger roof area that needs protecting, this is a preferable option to heavy plastic. These tarps can be held in place with the same methods you use with heavy plastic, but will protect more roof surface. However, it’s again important to understand that this is only a temporary solution. 

Remember, don’t allow problems with your roof to linger. Leaks can attract pests and cause mold, holes in your roof can allow bigger pests to enter your home, and rot can set into your home’s framing, causing bigger problems than you want to think about. 

And remember to keep your homeowner’s insurance in mind! Check with your agent to find out if your roof damage falls under your policy.