5 Absolutely FREE Things to do in Cleveland this Summer

//5 Absolutely FREE Things to do in Cleveland this Summer

When summer hits Cleveland, most of us want to get outdoors and DO something. Thankfully, there is no shortage of options – and they don’t have to cost you a lot of money, either.

We’ve picked out five upcoming events that are FREE to attend and will guarantee you a good time this summer. Whether you like food, music, the arts or just enjoying the Cleveland community, these are some sure things to mark on your calendar:

Duck Tape Festival
June 16-18, Avon

Yes, you read that right. This is a festival devoted to all things Duck Tape – and it’s more amazing than you think!

Over in Avon, which hosts the makers of Duck Tape (ShurTech Brands), a festival is held each year with zany happenings such as a duct tape fashion shows, duct tape arts and crafts, a duct tape parade, and more.

Yes, we’re serious. There is also plenty of food, live music, and more, so even if you don’t have a thing for that gray sticky stuff, you’ll likely have a good time there. And you can enjoy most of it for free!

Larchmere Porchfest
June 17, Larchmere

Cleveland has an amazing music scene, and there are few better ways to discover it than the quirky Larchmere Porchfest. And believe us, it’s a pretty unique event.

Residents throughout Larchmere open up their front porches and turn them into stages for musicians, performers and local bands, allowing you to stroll around town, find a spot, and relax in someone’s front yard checking out cool indie music from Cleveland. Some 30 acts are featured. 

Waterloo Arts Festival
June 24, Collinwood

Over on Waterloo Rd. east of Downtown you’ll find Collinwood, an arts district on the rise. On June 24, you’ll dig their annual outdoor arts festival that has just about everything you could want from this sort of thing: food, music, free art projects, cool sights and sounds, and lots more.

Their neighborhood is filled with great ethnic food, record shops and more, making it worth a day trip, festival or not.

Taste of Tremont
July 16, Tremont

If you love food, you probably already know about this one. It’s a foodie paradise. This whole neighborhood is known for hosting some of the best restaurants in the city, so dropping by for a day will be a good time – just bring your appetite!

Booths will be set up all along Professor St. where you can get samples of all this amazing local food and meet the people who make it. Come hungry, because you’ll want room to try it all!

Feast of the Assumption
Aug. 12-15, Little Italy

Cleveland’s Little Italy neighborhood is a good place to visit for traditional food, and the four-day Feast of the Assumption is especially good time to pay it a visit. Locals call it “The Feast” because it boasts so much amazing food from local ethnic restaurants and delis along Mayfield Rd.

If you love Italian delicacies, this is an event you need to have on your schedule. It’s one of Cleveland’s most popular summer events for good reason.