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Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a federal holiday that we celebrate every year in the United States. On this day, we honor all of the men and women who died serving their country. THE HISTORY Although it was not commemorated on a specific day, nor was it done necessarily annually, Memorial Day can be dated back to ancient Greece and Rome. Back then, there were festivals celebrated to remember all of loved ones who had passed on. In Athens, there used to

No Insurance, No Driving!

  If you don’t have vehicle insurance, you can’t drive in Ohio! Statistics show that in 2012, 12.6% of all drivers in the U.S. were without insurance. A study by the Insurance Research Council estimates that one out of every eight drivers in the United States may be driving uninsured. People give many excuses for not maintaining a valid insurance policy on their vehicle. Some use the excuse that they cannot afford car insurance, while others will say they forgot about it. Some even

Passport 360 from Chubb

Whether you or your loved ones are traveling for business or pleasure Passport 360 is here to enhance your travel security & give you peace of mind. As of November 20, 2015 one of our many insurance companies, Chubb, has put into motion a new way of being covered while you travel: Passport 360SM. Did you know? Passport 360 DOES NOT require prior trip arrangements & allows you to travel freely without the worry of coverage during any travel crisis?   Accidents,

Ice Dams

        What is an Ice Dam? Ice dams usually occur after a heavy snowfall and several days of freezing temperatures. Warm air inside your home leaks into the attic and will warm the underside of the roof causing snow and ice on the roof to melt. The melted water will drain along the roof, under the snow, until it reaches the cold overhang. The overhang tends to be at the same temperature as the outdoors and the

The Price of Gas over the Years

We all have experienced the common “When I was your age” stories at some point or another in life from our parents, aunts & uncles and especially our grandparents. One thing that you hear more and more often these days is a remark on the price of gas. “When I was your age, gas only cost a …” Indeed, a gallon of gas was going for only a quarter of a dollar in the years after World War I, and even less

Car Care for Extreme Weather

Sometimes, it can be easy to forget about giving your car the tender loving care it needs to stay healthy. Between the heavy snow, icy roads & cold temperatures & many other harsh, unexpected weather conditions that mother nature sends our way, NOW is the time to make sure to care for your vehicle.   Rainy Weather In the summer and spring, lighting and rain storms are a common occurrence. Along with them come road dangers like water build-up and flooding. Although

Valuable Articles Coverage

Gold & Diamonds & Furs, Oh My! What if you lost something really valuable? What if something expensive, something unique and something your Homeowners insurance didn’t fully cover was stolen or damaged? Do you fully understand what your Homeowners Insurance really covers? Your home is full of things you love & they should be protected because your peace of mind is worth it. There are several insurance policies you can purchase to protect your valuables. First thing’s first. Many believe

The Risks of Life

Travelers Insurance Company began what they call the “Consumer Risk Index”. This is an annual survey of the risks that U.S. Citizens believe are most prevalent in their lives.   2015 Survey Results Financial Security Concerns and Risks 66% worry about their finances About half of that 66%, worry a great deal about it Personal Privacy or Identity Theft 6/10 of those surveyed said it was their top concern that they may lose personal information or privacy Yet only 25% of them worry a great deal about

Liquor Liability Insurance

Liquor Legal Insurance is sold to liquor licensees and to individuals who are intending to serve alcohol. Any establishment that may sell, serve, or assists in the purchase or use of liquor opens its doors for the potential risk of  a liability claim as a consequence of someone getting drunk to the extent that injuries or property damages are the result. While it’s logical that the inebriated person should be the one to pay, in reality the business that served the