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A.R. Davis offers diverse healthcare plans for your familyWhile many employers offer their own health insurance plans, not every company will, or will offer a plan that doesn’t cover all your family’s needs.  It’s important to look at multiple options when deciding which plan will best fit your lifestyle.

The treatments, illnesses, and preventative care options covered by your insurance will depend upon your plan, your provider, and the preexisting condition of your individual health.  Most standard health insurance policies will pay for emergency care and routine checkups, medications, and vaccinations, but even these could be subject to limitations or deductibles.  Outside services such as vision and dental care are typically not included in a standard policy, but can be added in depending on the network.  The best policies will even cover medically necessary procedures like surgery.  Overall, your coverage and your premium costs are fairly subjective and completely dependent on your healthcare plan.

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What minimum healthcare standards am I entitled to?

The Affordable Care Act was created by the U.S. government in 2010 in order to provide basic protections for the American consumer and put the public back in charge of their medical coverage.  Under this law, every family is eligible for more cost-effective, comprehensive healthcare as well as honest information so they can make informed decisions about their treatment.  You can learn more about your healthcare rights at the Health and Human Services webpage or by speaking with your agent.

– Children can now remain on their family’s health insurance plan until the age of 26


– Children under the age of 19 cannot be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition.


– Lifetime limits on family health insurance are no longer allowed


– Many insurance companies now cover preventive care, including pre-natal care and childhood vaccinations


Please note that these parameters are only examples of what the typical customer could expect to receive for this type of policy.  Actual coverage will depend on the provider and the person being insured.  Please talk to your A.R. Davis agent to find out what type of coverage you qualify for.

What coverages and plans are available in a standard health insurance package?

While some states and providers will offer or require different packages and terms of coverage, and every policy will be different depending on the provider and the person being insured, there are several basic categories of health insurance that can be commonly purchased or participated in:

HDHP or High Deductible Health Plan: also referred to as “catastrophic insurance,” this type of plan is affordable in terms of total premium paid, because deductibles are high. However, it requires that you pay all healthcare costs out of pocket until your deductible is met. This plan is normally used in tandem with a health savings account and may not be the best choice for a family.


Healthy Families Insurance: this comprehensive health plan covers low income families with discounted health insurance to allow them access to affordable treatment. You must meet certain income guidelines to use this plan, and you must live in a participating state.


HMO or Health Maintenance Organization: a traditionally affordable option with limited provider options. An HMO allows you to choose a primary physician who is “in-network”- that is, a doctor or hospital system that participates in the insurance provider’s program. Only certain practitioners work within this network, so you must refrain from seeing any doctors not covered by the plan, or you will be billed the full amount for your treatment. If you need to work with a lot of different specialists, this might not be the best option for you.


PPO or Preferred Provider Organization: this type of coverage is similar to an HMO, but more flexible. Visiting an in-network doctor will typically only cost the price of your co-pay, but you also have the option to visit a doctor or medical center not on your plan. You will have to pay a higher percentage of your bill, but your insurance company will still cover some of the out-of-network cost. With a PPO, you maintain affordable coverage while still being able to access other resources.


POS or Point of Service Plan: a POS combines the advantages of a PPO with the best of an HMO. Like an HMO, you have a primary physician who will refer you to specialists within your network, but you have the ability to visit a doctor outside of the network if you prefer. Instead of using a co-pay, you may need to cover all or a part of the bill for any outside healthcare costs.


Indemnity: if you would prefer to pay out of pocket for all your hospital bills or treatment plans and would like to choose your doctors and level of care, this fee-for-service plan is a good choice. It requires that you be able to afford paying upfront for the full cost of your care. The insurance company will then reimburse you up to 80 percent of the procedure cost. This plan has lifetime limits that may be phased out by the Affordable Care Act.


Please note that these parameters are only examples of what the typical customer could expect to receive for this type of policy.  Actual coverage will depend on the provider and the person being insured.  Please talk to your A.R. Davis agent to find out what type of coverage you qualify for.

What can I expect to insure with A.R. Davis?

A.R. Davis can find you the best-fit package of health insurance options for your family.  The exact parameters of your policy will depend on the individual needs and qualifications of the business or person being covered.  Please speak to your A.R. Davis agent to find out what your policy will entail.


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