Newbury, Ohio’s Cousin Cities of New England

//Newbury, Ohio’s Cousin Cities of New England

Even if you’re intimately familiar with Ohio, you may not be familiar with Newbury, aka Newbury Center.

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This unincorporated community in Geauga County doesn’t get all the attention of Akron and Chagrin Falls and (of course) Cleveland, but it’s a lovely community all the same. Boasting 25 square miles of pastures, meadows, lakes and more, the town hosts great places to eat, thriving local businesses, and a growing industrial center.

Basically, it’s a hidden gem of Ohio.

But it turns out other states have their own Newburys, too. And no, we don’t mean hidden gems. We mean actual Newbury towns and cities. Let’s explore them:

Newbury, Massachusetts

If you want history, you want the Newbury in Massachusetts. Founded in 1635, it was first home to a plantation, and over the centuries grew into the town of 7,000 it is today. The town has an array of locations in the National Register of Historic Places, and boasts some key figures from history as former residents.

Newburyport, Massachusetts

No, we’re not cheating in order to get another entry on the list. We’re including Newburyport for a good reason: Newbury, Ohio was named after this city. This historic seaport thrives on tourism and is so packed with places to see and things to do we couldn’t begin to list them. And don’t get us started on the famous names from this town: John Quincy Adams, Judith Hoag, and many others. Like our Newbury, this one is worth visiting!

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West Newbury, Massachusetts

The settlers of Massachusetts clearly loved the name Newbury, considering it graces three towns in the state. This one was settled in 1635 and like so many towns in the region it’s jam-packed with historic places. Oh, and wrestling star John Cena is from West Newbury, too, if you’re into internationally known superstars with a reputation for charitable efforts.

Newbury, New Hampshire

A sleepy burg of 2,000, this town has a gorgeous beach, a ski resort, and a lovely. Quite a lot for a town of so few people! People interested in history will find a few sites worth visiting here, including the Bell Cove Historic Caboose Museum.

Newbury, Vermont

Yes, we’re still in New England! Vermont’s Newbury is a small town of 2,200 that also includes Newbury Village, a small hamlet of under 400 people located inside Newbury township. It’s a largely rural community with a few historic sites and friendly people. The Village portion of town is in its entirety listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The name Newbury extends far beyond New England, too. Newbury, Ohio has namesakes all over the world and in all walks of life. If you found this article interesting, who knows, maybe we’ll tackle some of those other namesakes in the future.