life insurance: take care of your loved ones

View information and industry standards on home insurance, life insurance, car and motorcycle policies, boat coverage, travel insurance, and more.  No matter who you call family, our personal lines can not only protect them, but help plan for the future.  SEE MORE


comprehensive coverage for every business need

Learn about the different types of insurance coverage that businesses need.  Whether your company is small or large, deals with properties, people, animals, or machines, we can help.  A.R. Davis offers comprehensive commercial coverage for businesses.  SEE MORE

A.R. Davis offers both personal and commercial insurance line policies.  While each policy will ultimately depend on the individual customer’s needs, there is typically a minimum baseline of coverage every client needs to have to be protected.  However, knowing where this line is can be confusing, as insurance rates and plans change from subject to subject and state to state.  Your policy can even be affected by seemingly minor variables like the type of company you purchase from, the size of your business, the location of your house, the brand of your car, or even the breed of your dog!

At A.R. Davis, we understand that navigating all this information is intimidating.  We believe in educating our customers and advocating for your best interests, so you can be confident in your insurance choices.