A.R. Davis Insurance does it all

risk is unavoidableThe coverage you need may not fit into the typical, one-sized-fits-all box you often see advertised on t.v.  Sure, nearly everyone will need some type of policy for their home or car, but what about those who own a rock climbing business?  Breed horses?  Skydive?  Where do you go to find coverage for that?  Does anyone even sell insurance for such things?  Worrying about your unusual or niche need can be stressful!

The fact is, jobs, hobbies, or even possessions that lie off the beaten path still need to be protected, but their unusual risk factor can leave other providers flustered or unwilling to help.  Custom insurance policies don’t fall into the “15 minute quote” camp that other agencies prefer.

A.R. Davis is different.  We aren’t intimidated by unusual requests; we work hard to remedy the shortage of custom insurance!  Because we are an independent company, our agents have the seasoned expertise to write nearly any type of policy you could think of.  There is very little we don’t insure!

If your needs are unusual or high-risk, A.R. Davis can help!  Call our commercial insurance agent Gloria at 866.455.3456 or send her a message.


unusual risk coverage from A.R. Davis Insurance
unusual risk for unusual jobs